Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zakir Hussain (A Tabla Maestro)

Zakir Hussain, a very well known name in music industry. He is one of the best Tabla player all over the world. He is master of percussion. He started touring in very early stage of life and made a record of most concerts in a calendar year. He married to Antonia Minnecola. She is a kathak dancer and manages Zakir Hussains concerts.

I sketched his sketch for my first art show, happened in Bangalore last month. It was little tricky to sketch Tabla in his sketch. I was not at all in mood to sketch. Then, I took my Tabla and played for two hours. It was an excellent session, definitely a stress buster. After this session, I found myself in a mood to sketch and the good thing was I could easily imagine Tabla. I sat for sketch and could complete Tabla in an hour....wow....a very nice experience, a very good example of music therapy. That session gave me a positive energy and consequently the mood...really loved sketching this sketch....

Your comments are most welcome on his sketch. If anyone is interested in his sketch and willing to buy, can ask me for quotation.

Best Regards to all my loved ones, (Ask for quotation)
Atul Ojhal