Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014

One more year comes to its end. Couple of hours to go and its 2014 ! I wish each one of you a very happy new year. May Almighty bless us with prosperity of humanity, peace, health and love. I thank all of you who all were in touch with me through out the year with their comments and feedback on my posts.

Its been little tough year for me. My mother and father both went under surgery. I was lucky to get chance to serve them. The whole span of time fell between my transition from engineering to arts. Most of the time I had to stay in my home town. I got chance to meet couple of legends this year. I met Sarod Maestro Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Saheb in May and presented my art work, his portrait. The other meet was with Kathak Maestro Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji in November. Both the meetings were fabulous and full of blessings and learnings !

I have composed a small poetry with three stanzas. Couple of  messages are hidden in these lines. Please find them below.

फिर एक नया साल आने को है ,
उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /

हो भरा शांति और सद्भावना से ,
ओत प्रोत हो ईश्वर साधना से /
सोच के नए आयाम बदलते रहें , 
पुण्य उदय हो और पाप ढलते रहें / 
तभी शायद खुश होगी ये माँ धरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा / 
फिर एक नया साल आने को है //

हमें द्वेष का भेष बदलना होगा ,
कातिल ईर्ष्या का दोष कुचलना होगा / 
और मसलना होगा कुरीतियों को ,
पुत्री जन्म पर उठतीं कुप्रीतियों को / 
तभी माँ बहिन का मन होगा हरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /
फिर एक नया साल आने को है //

हमारे उत्थान को स्वस्थ राष्ट्र हो , 
सम्भव तभी यदि नायक सुपात्र हो / 
ये जिम्मेदारी हर जन को निभानी होगी , 
इस खुमार की बेशुमारी हर मन में होगी / 
तभी देश को छोड़ेगी भ्रष्टाचार सी जरा , 

उन्नती की नयी आशाओं से भरा /
         फिर एक नया साल आने को है // - AOD

Enjoy new year celebration with full of enthusiasm. May you keep the same spirit through out the year 2014. 

I will come up with new post soon. Till then live your life to the utmost !

Regards & Love,
Atul Ojhal

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Visit to Pandit Birju Maharaj

Finally came out from difficult circumstances and got chance to meet and greet one more legend. This time from culture, Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji. The visit has been really fantastic. The kind of human being he is I have no wording to weave with. Such a great personalty with no side effects ! He is simply amazing, adorable, down to earth person. He was glad to see my art work and complemented saying "gajab kar diya". Thanks a lot Pandit Ji. It means a lot !

I requested Saswati Sen Ji for this meet. She is his disciple and a well know Kathak dancer. She runs Kalashram in Delhi, a institute founded by Birju Maharaj Ji. The request took little long because of the legend's tight schedule some time and some time my absence because of my father's illness. But finally one day I received the invitation from Saswati Ji through mail.

I was excited and wanted to see Ustad Ji asap. I reached Kalashram and saw so many of his disciples were practicing hard. I enjoyed their performances thoroughly. Just after couple of minutes the legend enters in the lobby. He was quite and stepping fast. I touched his feet and introduced myself. He gave a sweet smile and asked me to stay back. The waiting period was about to get over. and yes I was called in his aura. I met him and presented my art work. Below are the couple of snaps from the meet.

When I was in schooling I used to read about him in genral knowledge book. The question used to be like "Who is the best kathak dancer" and the answer is "Pt. Birju Maharaj". I never thought I would meet this legend in my life. I thank to Almighty for this sketching gift. Because of this skill I am able to meet such great souls and grab blessings from them.

My father, I called him Baauji, went under surgery in previous month. After couple of visits to doctor. Baauji was advised a surgery. It went well. He is now in recovery stage and will be fine soon.

Thank you guys for appreciating my work. Your feedback are most welcome.!

Take care and rest well !

Regards & Love,
Atul Ojhal  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sachin Tendulkar (Master Blaster)

Ohh yes, history repeated once again. you know what ? .. I portrayed Rahman Saab couple of years back. Once I was done with the art work, the very next day he received the Oscar ! It happened once again when I completed Sachin's portrait. Once the portrait gets completed, he received the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award. It might be a coincidence or Almighty listen to me sincerely :) ...Anyway, many congratulations to the Master and his well wishers !

I have been going through tough time. I am completely surrounded with life's difficult circumstances. My mother went under surgery. She had not yet recovered completely, my father fell ill. After couple of visits to doctor even he was advised a surgery. It was getting really tough to spare some time for my passion, for my life, sketching and specially sketching the one who is sitting in billions of hearts all over the world, the Master. I somehow scheduled it and spared some 15-20 minutes each day whenever I used to get chance after a well satisfied care of my parents. The portrait got completed while the master was completing his 199th test. I have tried to portray his 'Alvida' by showing his waiving hand.

Discussion over his records and on his life do not have an end. So not starting it now. It is known to everyone and the data is uploaded on bunch of sites. I am lucky to see Sachin's debut as well as his retirement. My debut as a viewer matches the date his debut as a cricketer. His debut was on 15th Nov 1989 and the same day I started watching cricket on TV and understanding the game of Cricket. He retired from the all types of cricket and I retire as a viewer on 16th Nov 2013 ! But no one knows the magic of Almighty. Someone may come once again and might entertain us more than the Master did. We should be optimistic as well ! :)

I would try presenting him my art work to the Master himself one day once the circumstances gets better. Hope it may happen soon. Wish me and bless me !

Enjoy this art work and your life as much as possible. Love and worship your parents. They are our immediate God, never let them feel alone. There is a humble request for all of you to share this post as much as possible if you like it.

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Madhuri Dixit (Dhak Dhak Girl)

Hopefully, I did not let you wait for so long even after my bad health. This time, the art work is dedicated to most respected versatile Bollywood actress Shri Madhuri Dixit Ji. I thought of portraying her couple of years ago. But it was replaced by Aishwarya Ji. The reason, I got an invitation from Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji on his father's birth anniversary. So I could not do that time.

Madhuri Ji is popular as 'dhak dhak girl' because of her "dhak dhak karne laga" song from 'Beta' movie. Personally if you ask me, I liked her each and every scene of "Hum aapke hain kaun". Mr. Suraj Badjatya sahab really produced his best and came up with the box office super duper hit. It is just one example. These are in huge number when Madhuri name strikes in mind. She proved herself so many times and became most successful actress of Bollywood.

After such successful acting career she was very much successful in her personal career also. She married to Dr Shriraam Madhav Nene in 1999. He is a Cardiovascular Surgeon practiced in Denver for a decade span of time. They have two children Arin and Raayan.

Madhuri Ji came back to acting couple of years ago with "Aaja Nach Le". Though movie could not do that well but Madhuri Ji's performance was very well appreciated and she was nominated for Best Actress Filmfare Award for record thirteenth time. She got good break with television. She is judging "Jhalak dikhlaja" dance reality show relaying on Colors with Remo Desouza. This show is doing excellent and she is being very well appreciated by viewers. I have composed couple of lines on her extraordinary career, sharing with you all too.

सर्वश्रेष्ठ अदाकारी का जीवंत उदहारण है,
अलबेला व्यक्तित्व और भी साधारण हैं /
'धक धक' गाने से बसी दिल धडकनों में ,
  युवाओं की मल्लिका आती रहीं सपनों में //

चाहे वो मुस्कान हो, चाहे नृत्य की शान हो ,
आन बान हो, या फिर संस्कृति का मान हो /
हर क्षेत्र में फिल्म उद्योग की बनी रही धुरी ,
               करोड़ों जुबाँ पर पसरी हैं आज भी ये माधुरी // - AOD

I wish Madhuri Ji a successful career ahead. I still see a huge appetite for acting and dance. I am a big fan of her dance moves. She gets lots of tips from Saroj Khan and Birju Maharaj. Both are undoubtedly deserve to be her Guru. I always wanted to portray Birju Maharaj prior to Madhuri Ji. And by God grace I could do that. Last to last art work was of Birju Maharaj Ji only. You guys would have glimpsed it before. If not, here is the link. Click Here.     

I thank everyone who all comment and share their feelings on this platform. I am grateful to their love and affection shown to me. Friends, I shall come soon with my latest work. Till then you all keep enjoying your life. Navaraate are going on. May Goddess Durga bless us all with prosperity of humanity, strength, peace and love.

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal    

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia ( Flute Maestro )

Two years ago, I planned to sketch a legend whom I admire a lot. When he plays his instrument, the flute, the whole environment turns into a beautiful garden. That gives immense pleasure and looks like Lord Krishna is playing flute sitting under a tree in Vrindaban.... But I could not start this art work that time. It used to get replaced by some other art work because of some reason. Finally, that moment came and I got chance to sketch this great man Padma Vibhushan Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia Ji.

The legend is from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. As you guys might have read about him from the sources that his father wanted him to become wrestler. He did go for the training but it was just for pleasing his father. Almighty had decided something else for him. And it was a classical flutist. He learned flute from Pandit Bholanath Prasanna in Varansi for eight years. Later he joined All India Radio.

Hariprasad Ji got so many accolades. He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1992, Padma Vibhushan, Hafiz Ali Khan Award, Dinanath Mangeshkar Award in 2000. He received Honorary Doctorates from two universities, North Orrisa University in 2008 and Utkal Universities in 2011. He has performed all over the world in his 55 years of his professional career. I dedicated two lines to the legend.

बांस में छिपे सुरों को, बांसुरी लायी उभार के ,
             आपने उन सुरों को सुना, दिलों को चुरा लिया / - AOD

I thoroughly enjoyed sketching Hariprasad Ji. I have surrounded him with seven colors band. They are indicator of seven swaras in music. I would love to be in his aura if I get chance. It might happen soon.

The next art work might take some time friends. I seek forgiveness for this. I have some literature work this month. And my health also not well. I am still suffering from backache. My well wishers and family members have been asking me for a quite long to take it little easy and take some rest. My pals, I agree with you and follow your suggestions. But you know, I would not have sketched any if I had considered my pain. Last 4-5 sketches have been portrayed in a huge pain and it used to get aggravated every time I sketched. But this pain grief was quite lesser than the happiness of sketching. Since so many of you eagerly wait for my art works. I am grateful to them. Their thirst only inspire me to keep sketching. Thanks for being with me and motivating me dears ! My mother's recovery is been rapid this month. She has started walking with the help of walker. Doctors are hoping for her to walk by own soon ! Thanks to all who sent recovery wishes and prayers.

You all live your dreams respecting your elders, loving your younger, following your idols and connecting the Almighty !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kapil Dev (Best Cricket All Rounder)

Hopefully, I am not late this time too, came soon with my new art work. As you could recognize by now, this is of Shri Kapil Dev, a cricket sensation of 80's. His contribution for Indian cricket was unparalleled. India brought world cup title under his captaincy in 1983. He was awarded Arjun Award in 1980, Padma Shri in 1982, Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1983, Wisden Indian Cricketer of the Century in 2002 and ICC Cricket Hall of Fame in 2010.

I did not see Kapil playing live. Still I was a big fan of him just by hearing lots of applauds from senior members of my family. They used to tell me about his aggressive style of bat and bowl. The best one they told me about the match played between India Vs Zimbabwe in 1983 world cup. In this match skipper played match winning inning and won the match even after pathetic start from top order. India lost their 4 wickets only on 9 runs. The score turned to 17 for 5 when Yashpal Sharma was dismissed. Then the master did partnership of 60 runs with Roger Binny and 62 runs partnership with Madan Lal. Syed Kirmani walked in at 140 for 8. Kapil put on an unbeaten partnership of 126 runs for 9th wicket with Kirmani. Its been a record for 27 years. India finally won this match by 31 runs ! Couple of years ago that record was broken by Mathews and Malinga from Sri Lanka in 2010.

Kapil is still the best All rounder in test matches with immatchable statistics. He is the only one who took 400+ wickets and 5000+ runs. I was telling this to my father and immediately he responded back with praise for him. First time my father appreciated any cricketer. "I used to watch matches when Kapil used to play. I was a big fan of him". He said. This name strikes me and I decided to sketch him and present him the same. I have tried to portray his aggressiveness in this work. His expressions in my poetic way :-)

" बॉल फेंकूं तो गिल्लियाँ बिखेर दूं , बल्ले पे चढ़ जाए तो आसमाँ चूम लूँ ! " - AOD 

Currently, Kapil is heading an NGO named KHUSHI in Delhi as a chairman. KHUSHI runs couple of schools for the less privileged and provides education, food and clothing to them. Kapil has been actively involved in supporting needy through KHUSHI since 2005. I contacted KHUSHI and requested for a meet with him. They have assured for this asap. I would share the snaps once it happens.

I am working on my next art work. I would try to come soon with the new one. Till then you be with calm and peace. May God be with you !

Love & Regards,
Atul Ojhal


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pandit Birju Maharaj (Kathak Maestro)

This time, I am happy my friends. I did not take much time from my last work and came soon with my new work. The earlier one was a gift for Shri Amitabh Ji for his second b'day. This time, the portrait of one and only Kathak Maestro 'Padma Vibhshan' Pandit Birju Maharaj Ji. Actually, the intuition from Almighty was germinated a way back but could not happen somehow. As we know, there is a time for everything so it comes now.

Portrait is completed and it gets shared with my well wishers first. Next with the maestro himself. Hope he likes it. Though he is touring a lot all over the world for performances but I still hope he would spare some time to accept my work.

Maharaj Ji won many awards and recognition, including Padma Vibhushan in 1986. He received honorary doctorates from BHU and the Khairagarh university. He gave his direction to so many movies. Recently, he did it for Kamal Hasan's 'Vishwaroopam' and received "National Film Award for Best Choreography" for the same.

Tomorrow is 15th of August, India's independence day. A day when we got freedom from cruel British empire. But cruelty got never ended. It just changed the faces from. We still not feel any freedom. We scare to go to police station for any help. When we feel fear talking to our security then how we could feel safe. If we are not safe then what kind of independence is this ? Its a slavery in our own country. The neighbor countries violating laws and intruding our security on a daily basis. They have done so many heinous crimes in last couple of months. On top of that our government never take any action on that. How do we feel freedom. No ! Its not freedom. We are still slave and being hunted by others.....couple of lines for poetry lovers. Hope you  like them.

हंसी भी फंसी सी रह जाती है, देश के रोष के आग़ोश में  //

पाप का सबूत मिटाने की, जन प्रतिनिधियों में लगी होड़ है / 
सफ़ेद शांति को काली भ्रान्ति में, परिवर्तन कला बेजोड़ है /
कितने शून्य लगे हैं उस काले में, नहीं है सल्तनत होश में // 

 हंसी भी फंसी सी रह जाती है, देश के रोष के आग़ोश में //

हालात और दशा तो नहीं है, आजादी का उत्सव मनाने की / 
दुराचारी मिथ्याचारी लाचारी है, ज़रूरत नहीं है जताने की /
दुष्ट दोगले दानव दम्भी, विचर रहे आज सफ़ेद पोश में //

 हंसी भी फंसी सी रह जाती है, देश के रोष के आग़ोश में //

फिर भी ये दिल नहीं मानता, आज शुभकामनाएं दिए बगैर /
भगत आजाद सुखदेव गांधी, की थी बहुतों ने शहादत की सैर /
शायद वो शहादत फले फूले, फिर एक नरेन्द्र दिख रहा जोश में // 

 हंसी भी फंसी सी रह जाती है, देश के रोष के आग़ोश में // - AOD

Do let me know your feedback on my art work. I love to read them. I will try to come soon again. Till then you my pals do your duty with full of honesty. Don't be afraid of anything and keep improving yourself. Rest up to the Almighty. He will take care of us well !!

Happy Independence Day !!! .if there is any ...

Regards & Love,
Atul Ojhal     

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amitabh Bachchan (Bollywood Shehanshah)

So the wait is over my dear friends. Here I come with my next art work, the portrait of none another than "The Star of Millennium" "Boollywood Shehanshah" Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji. I scheduled the portrait for another legend but once I came to know that there is one important day is about to come. I reschedule it and prioritize this art work for my beloved gurudev. The important day is 2nd of August, the day when Amitabh Ji was reborn. He call this day 'second birthday'. The day when he survived after coolie accident.

Shri Amitabh Ji has posted once on his blog. He said: "Happy birthday Mr B, and never forget I was the first one to wish you." As you guys might know, the accident occurred on July 26, 1982, when a mistimed jump in a fight scene with co-star Puneet Issar caused him to hit the corner of a table and suffer a ruptured spleen. Doctors performed an emergency splenectomy but Amitabh Ji reportedly remained close to death. He was clinically dead for a while. With no sign of life on August 2, doctors injected adrenaline straight into Bachchan's heart. Jaya Ji then saw one of his toes move and exclaimed: "Look, he's alive," Then, August 2 has since been declared Bachchan's 'second birthday'. Happy Birthday Amitabh Ji !!

So, the Maestro, this post and art work dedicated to you. May you keep entertaining us by your incredible acting talent. The only thing is, we want you to see in such movies which throws an positive impact on our society rather just an entertainment. People should get inspired by your character and work for social issues. I am very much excited for the next movie 'Satyagrah' by Mr. Prakash Jha, which is going to be released on 30th of August 2013 and expecting the fulfillment of our objective. My heartiest wishes for the next season of KBC. I think its KBC 7 this time. Hope it rocks as usual and you take yourself to the fullest !!

Now pals I take adieu for now and would return soon on this platform with my next art work. Till then you be calm, steady and keep moving towards your goal ! Keep smiling like Amit Ji in this portrait ! ...and yes there are couple of lines for you guys on this beautiful smile, which I sent to Amitabh Ji previously.

परवरदिगार का अद्भुत तोहफा है ये मुस्कान ,
ख़ुशी की मौजूदगी की प्रतिनिधि है ये मुस्कान / 
सच्चे दिलों में घृणा द्वेष की ये कातिल है ,
अन्तः मनोदशा का प्रतिलिपि है ये मुस्कान //

मुस्कानों का सुन्दर उद्यान है ये मुस्कान ,
वरदानों के रहस्य का विज्ञान है ये मुस्कान / 
स्वास्थ्य के उत्थान में ये सशरीर शामिल है ,
      मुखारबिंदु की अनुपम शोभा है ये मुस्कान  // - AOD

Take care !

Regards & Love,
Atul Ojhal

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meeting with Ustad Amjad Ali khan

Thanks for your continuous love and support . I adore your adorable true comments and feedback on my art works. I really appreciate the appreciation and criticism. Since both gives the lesson. In my last post you enjoyed portrait of none another than legendary Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amajad Ali Khan Saheb. And this post contains my meeting with him.

Ayaan Ali Khan, a son and a disciple of the maestro himself helped me setting up the this meet. Many thanks to Ayaan bhai but I missed him only in this meet. I met Ustad ji and Amaan bhai at residence in Delhi and presented my art work to maestro himself. Amaan bhai was into practice session. I joined him for couple of minutes and then back to in aura of Maestro. Below pics are witnessing the event.

We had a nice conversation on how to keep improving dignity of our nation through the field of arts, music and literature. The maestro was not happy with what kinda support government provide to artists ! Recently, he has released book on his father written by him only. I discussed this in my last post also. The book name is "My Father, Our Fraternity". He promised me to send one copy of this to my home address. In the mean time we had a chat on our sanskar and sanskriti also. And he was unhappy with new culture and trends. I recited a poetry which I composed in his excellence. Here are few lines from the same...

उत्कृष्ट संगीत संग तरंगमय जीवन आपका ,
अपने बुजुर्गों की रची रचना से घिरा चहुँ ओर है /

वो होंगे जहां भी बहुत खुश होंगे ज़रूर आपसे ,
जैसे बादलों की गडगडाहट संग नाचता मोर है /

देश विदेश के चहेते हैं आप अयान और अमान ,
मधुर सरोद स्वतारों से हर दिल की बांधे डोर है /

रहमत बरसे खुदा की आजीवन आपके आँगन में ,  
           ओझल की ओझल से इस गुहार का मच रहा शोर है // - AOD

Mother is still not well. She is recovering after such a prolonged illness. Its been really incredible finding by Medical Science. I appreciate the doctors faculty of SGPGI, Lucknow. Its all wishes and blessings of my well wishers only that she has started moving couple of steps. Its a sigh of relief after an year span of time. Now, Its relaxing and reason of smile on my family's faces. :-)

My prayers with all who are still struggling to save their lives after such a horrible cloud burst in Uttarakhand. Very appreciable effort is being done by the rescue team. I salute them !!

Love & Regards to All,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Sarod Maestro)

Life has different colors. Sometimes its soothing to eyes sometimes not. Its been 'not' for a long time for me. But undoubtedly, every color shows different scenes and every scene comes up with colorful lights (lessons of life). Mother was not well for quite a long time. A bunch of investigations have been raised. Finally all end up with a surgery. She went under it. It was a major operation and took around 6 hrs. But it went successful and now she is recovering. This disease was very unique and rare. Few of the doctors said it was never seen before at their hospital. Anyway, all is well now and I am happy. :)

My apologies to you all for this delay. I will try to reduce this next time. This art work, as you would have recognized by now, is of none another than 'Padma Vibhushan' Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. He is unique in his style and being heard all over the world. He performs with his two disciple sons Amaan and Ayaan. I had a few words with Ayaan a couple of months ago and he was very curious to see this art work. I am hoping my art work satisfies his expectations. Amjad Saab has served for the nation for so many decades and rewarded by Padma Vibhushan. So I have decorated his portrait with tri color nation flag, 'Tiranga'.

Sarod is a very beautiful instrument and it shines more when Amjad saab plays. This instrument known to be invented by his family sixth generation before. He has recently released a book "My Father, Our Fraternity". It was launched by the 'Star of the Millennium Shri Amitabh Bachchan Ji. This book is a tribute from a son, himself to a father, Hafiz Ali Khan. He tells his father's story and his world in this book. So I strongly recommend to buy this book and know about him more. I salute Amjad Saab for putting an effort for his father's life and work.

Our existence is because of our mother and father. But what I see now a days that in old age they struggle to find their existence. What all they did for us, we say its their duty but it's not vice versa in most of the cases. They served their children as a duty but children serve them as a favor. We Indian are definitely losing our 'Sanskaar and Sanskriti' or it used to be in papers only ! I try to follow those papers and find a pleasure while serving my parents and I do hope all will, who all read this post.

Enjoy each and every moment of this life. Its written by the Supreme ! I would come soon with new art work . Till then Alvida...May you live with peace and love !

Regards & Love,

Friday, January 11, 2013

Rahul Dravid (The Wall)

Hope you enjoyed my last art work of Grammy awardee Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt Ji and snaps from his meet. This time I have posted one of best cricketers India ever produced, Mr Rahul Dravid. A gentle, humbled, dashing, handsome man. He served for India more than a decade. He received Padma Shri award in 2004 and a couple of awards from ICC. He played 164 Test matches and 344 ODI for India. He had been a game saver a bunch of times in his cricket career. That's why he became famous as Mr dependable. Because of his solid style batting, he became popular as 'The Wall' also. He is known as 'Jammy' among his team mates. I have tried to show his that solidity in my art work. Hope you guys love it and share it as much as possible.

I had a strong desire to meet him. One day I decided to meet him at his residence. I did went to his residence in Indira Nagar, Bangalore, holding this portrait. I met his most gracious proud parents and his brother there. I learnt from them that Rahul just left. He had lunch with them. I had a nice time with all the family members. I grabbed his parents blessing and left his house.The very next day I had a flight to Delhi and I could not get chance to meet the legend. Anyway, will meet sometime and present this art work.

Today is a very special day for him. 11th Jan., its his birthday. Not in person but at least I would send this blog-post link to him with his b'day wishes. Many many happy returns of the day. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rahul Ji. We will always miss you in Indian team. You have done a lot to save India's dignity in sports field. Salutations !!!!!!

Ok friends, I shall come with next work soon. Till then, take care of yourself and have a nice time !!

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Atul Ojhal Dube